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New can be a lot of things.  Sometimes new is exciting, like buying a new car, or landing a new job, or celebrating a new year!  Sometimes new is concerning, like a new experimental chemo treatment/medication.  Sometimes new is disappointing, when a beverage you loved suddenly has a new recipe and the "new" doesn't taste the same or as good as the original (I recently had an experience like that with a Coca-Cola beverage).

A lot of times in life we approach things based on past experiences, which can set us up for failure.  If we go into something new expecting a negative result/outcome - then we most likely will have a negative outcome.  If we go into something new being positive and optimistic, we are more likely to have a positive outcome.  It's not always 100% - but I do know when you go through events in life and if you approach them in an positive way, you'll typically be a happier person overall.  Whereas if you go through life expecting the worse, then, you are more likely to be miserable.

Mark Twain once said, "Sing like no one's listening, love like you've never been hurt, dance like nobody's watching, and live like its heaven on earth."

I love that saying - but I don't fully embrace it.  I know that when I sing it sounds like birds squawking.  I have also ended at least one really great relationship - one that we might still be together today if I didn't end it prematurely because I was afraid of being hurt (although everything was going swimmingly at the time).  I ended it because I had a bad past experience with a different relationship - and when I saw myself getting close again and falling in love - I didn't want to risk that again. 

But it sucks.  Because I know I hurt her feelings - while I was trying to protect my feelings.  All because I was afraid of commitment - which I didn't have the balls to tell her or communicate with her at the time.  Life isn't a Hallmark card or a romantic comedy where everything just falls in place and it's perfect.  It's not always cut and dry - and expressing feelings or emotions isn't easy.  You want to be strong for your significant other - but sometimes you're falling apart on the inside. 

New things are exciting, but they are also scary.  There's a lot of greatness to come out of new things - but you have to allow them to be great - and you have to work at them to be truly great.  I've learned a lot about life over the past several years.  One of those things is you have to be authentic - you have to be real - you have to be true.  Sometimes you're going to not know what to do in life - sometimes your life is going to fall apart and you feel lost - alone - or like there is no hope.  And that's okay, we just have to keep at it, you have to give it your all, you have to communicate your feelings (which I know isn't the easiest thing to do for most of us fellas out there).  You can be strong - and still let that other person know your feelings - where you are standing on things and if you're scared as hell about commitment - tell her. 

This is a new blog for me.  Never really did the blog thing before.  This is also a new year.  Lots of uncertainties are wrapped up in this year - lots of unknowns.  We need to go into everything like that quote - "Sing like nobody's listening.  Love like you've never been hurt.  Dance like nobody's watching.  And live like it's heaven on earth."  Be real.  Be authentic. Be true.  Go into everyday like it's going to be the best day ever - and you'll have more great days - than terrible ones.  Help others. Do your best.  Treat others how you'd like to be treated - and things will turn around for you.  I'm sure of it.

It's a new year.  Now is a great time for a new you.


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