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New can be a lot of things.  Sometimes new is exciting, like buying a new car, or landing a new job, or celebrating a new year!  Sometimes new is concerning, like a new experimental chemo treatment/medication.  Sometimes new is disappointing, when a beverage you loved suddenly has a new recipe and the "new" doesn't taste the same or as good as the original (I recently had an experience like that with a Coca-Cola beverage).

A lot of times in life we approach things based on past experiences, which can set us up for failure.  If we go into something new expecting a negative result/outcome - then we most likely will have a negative outcome.  If we go into something new being positive and optimistic, we are more likely to have a positive outcome.  It's not always 100% - but I do know when you go through events in life and if you approach them in an positive way, you'll typically be a happier person overall.  Whereas if you go through life expecting the worse, then, …


A friend of mine dated this girl for about a year, he asked her to marry him and shortly thereafter they walked down the aisle and lived happily ever after - for about six months.  He lost his job and took a job as an insurance salesman.  The first month or two the company paid him an actual salary while he learned the ropes, but after that it was 100% commission sales.  He was having difficulty finding clients.  
A lot of people are anxious to fall into love so much so that they try to make love happen.  When things don't workout as they had planned they are instantly ready to throw in the towel and try again somewhere else.  I know several guys around my age who have married the "love of their life" only to divorce about six months later.  While the situations vary as to why the relationships ended, it typically involves (1) not knowing the other person well enough - or one or both parties not being fully honest with each other (2) money issues - this really needs to b…